Chromebook Return – Check List

Your teacher will be inspecting the Chromebook for the following items upon return:

  • Outside clean
  • Check the outside of the Chromebook for damage to ports. (usb, hdmi)
  • Inspect the power cable for damage (if the tip of the cord is bend, the borrower will be responsible for paying for a replacement ~$15)
  • Power on the Chromebook and check the screen for damage. (black areas will be present if LCD is broken)
  • Plug in the power cord and turn on the Chromebook if not already powered on. Verify that the charging bolt appears on the battery icon in the bottom right corner 
  • If there is significant damage to the Chromebook, it will be sent to the UOS tech for further review. If repair is needed the borrower will be responsible for the payment of that repair.  The UOS tech will contact the borrower for payment.
  • Have the borrower and teacher sign/date the bottom of the contract upon return to indicate when the computer was returned.