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 How To…




Adobe Connect

Basic introduction into how to navigate in Adobe Connect.Video Link6 min 





What is ALEKS Math?

Get StartedVideo Link4 MinutesPDF File


Quick TablesVideo Link4 MinutesPDF File


Check ProgressVideo Link5 MinutesPDF File


Review TopicsVideo Link4 MinutesPDF File


Success TipsVideo Link5 MinutesPDF File


Aleks Course Training
(Overview of everything)
Video Link None



K12 Inc/OLS

Account Creation and Set UpVideo Link 4 min  


Mark AttendanceVideo Link4 min PDF File 


 Check ProgressVideo Link 5 min 


 Set My Schedule Video Link 5 min PDF File


 Get Help   


Daily/Weekly PlanVideo Link5 min 


Online School (OLS) TrainingVideo Link 66 minutes 



Utah Compose

 Video Link  



Planning & Organization

OrganizationVideo Link4 1/2 min 


Plan, Schedule & Make Learning FunVideo Link8 min 




Log in to PowerspeakVideo Link4 min 

Rosetta Stone Foreign Languages

 Video Link5 1/2 min