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Poetry Contest Winners

This week, Washington County School District Poetry Winners were announced
and we would like to spotlight these students and their poetry. Click to view:

Age Division: 1st - 3rd Grade - Zoe M.

Free to make friends

I’m going to the park today.
I see a little boy.
He asks me if I can be his friend,
so I decide to be his friend.
I don’t care if they have purple hair,
or a green big nose,
it doesn’t matter what they look like.
I’m happy I can make friends,
in a special way.
Today I will see my friends and we will go and play.

Age Division: 4th - 5th - Chipman L.


Be punny, be funny, and waggle my tongue
Shout with exuberance to clear out my lung.

Digging to China, the hole goes clear through,
The scene is prodigious—I never knew.

Giving out orders while writing this poem,
I’m Prince of the palace in England or Rome.

Crab fishing in oceans, cooking them too,
Chopping and combining, for my sea stew.

In t-shirt and shorts, I swing from a vine.
Eating the bounty prepared by Divine.

Head butt a target, smash someone over
Quickly suit up as cute little Grover.

 Practice piano—explosive notes pounding
I’m getting famous; clear notes resounding.

 Screaming with terror:   tumbling off a cliff
I almost missed it: that ancient, astounding, amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring PETROGLYPH!

 Eating lasagna, dark chocolate ice cream,
Free to imagine my blissful daydream.

Age Division: 8th - 9th Grade - April M.

Free To…

We have the freedom to mourn and the freedom to cry,
But instead we can choose to try and to fly.
Soar through shadows or canyons of doubt,
See the light of the free 'round about,
And never give up 'till you're part of that world.
Stay strong until its mystery's unfurled.

Some people shine as bright as the stars
But no one can see that they're trapped behind bars.
Struggling to live with, to deal with those scars
And few people know this affliction of ours.
Bipolar, depression, PTSD,
Anxiety, mood, or ADHD.

Freedom to me
Is the freedom to see
That we're not quite as free
As we wanted to be.

Freedom to choose life over death,
Freedom to calm yourself with a breath.
Freedom for all of it, but why can't they see?
It doesn't count until I'm free to be me.

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UOS teachers supporting our very talented teacher, Melinda Welch, as she stars
in HELLO DOLLY at the Centerpoint Theater in Centerville.  Melinda is a
beautiful singer and amazing actress. She is also a competent, experienced and
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